Thursday, August 1, 2013

Two People Stabbed: Just Another Day at the Lake

Two transients were found stabbed at the Alvord Lake section of Golden Gate Park early Wednesday morning.

This is not really news, as people are stabbed there all the time.  What's different apparently is that the news media has taken at least some notice.

For those who don't know SF, Alvord Lake is a disgusting pond near the Eastern entrance of Golden Gate Park at the intersection of Haight and Stanyan streets.  Calling the area a shithole would be an insult to shitholes.

For many, many years, Alvord Lake has been the "safe zone" for the feral animal hordes that descend upon the City every year, causing despair among residents and, apparently, erections from the Left and the homeless industry.

It's no secret that a large majority - and by a large majority I mean pretty much all - of the human garbage that pours into the Haight are drug addicts, and that probably more than half are seriously mentally ill.  A warrant check of the swarm would no doubt produce a number of murderers, rapists, and other bad guys, but the police have decided that Alvord Lake is a "containment zone" - and thus have allowed the disease to flourish there to prevent it from spreading.

Now that's all well and good... unless you happen to actually live there.

For nearly two months this Spring, I was one of those unfortunates.

Now, I am grateful to the friend of mine who put me up in their place while I was in a transitional period (a transitional period that is now thankfully over), but living there just brought home what I had been thinking for years now, which is...


Every day the same fucking freak show.  

It's hilarious - sadly hilarious - that these people are looked upon as some kind of manifestation of "freedom" or whatever the fuck it is, because these folks are - without a shadow of a doubt - the most miserable people you will ever meet.  And I mean ever.

Don't believe me?  Go to Haight Street sometime.  I dare you!  Look at the faces of these people (try not to make eye contact though!).  You will rarely see them smile.  You'll always see fights and people crying at the curb.  They will always be drunk, high, or looking to get that way.  The only ones who ever look even mildly happy are their dogs.

I've heard all the bullshit arguments about how this time things will change, how this time we'll offer the proper combination of carrot and/or stick, about how we'll clean up this mess.  No one takes it seriously any more.  The cops are full of shit and every one knows it.  Every one knows that nothing will change.  Everyone knows that this town simply does not have the fucking balls to do what it takes.

I don't see why San Francisco even puts up the pretense anymore.

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