Monday, August 9, 2010

Slogging On, Blogging On

You no doubt may have noticed that I haven't been writing a lot lately. Mostly it's because I'm just seriously starting to not care anymore.

This town is a shithole, full of shitty, mean, crazy people, and I see less and less good about it with every passing day. So basically I've just felt the need to disengage; I haven't been reading the news.

A few choice tidbits from today...

SFGate - the internet arm of the liberal-to-farleft SF Chronicle - is stepping up to the plate for criminal-loving Attorney General candidate Kamala Harris, with the first of what will no doubt be many hit pieces on her opponent Steve Cooley.

A 50-year old German tourist - a Mrs. Mechtild Schroer from Minden - was gunned down at 9 pm in the "Theater District" (read: Tenderloin) last night...

With the help a taxi driver and other bystanders, police have detained five teenagers in connection with the fatal shooting of a German tourist walking with her husband in the Theater District Sunday night.

The elementary school rector was hit by stray gunfire during a battle between rival groups attending an under-18 party at a private club, police said today.

Mechthild Schröer, 50, of Minden, Germany, was killed at 9 p.m. Sunday when shots were fired on the 400 block of Mason Street at Geary Street in the Theater District, police said. Her husband was not injured.

It was not the only club related gunfire over the weekend. Shortly before 2 a.m. Monday, two women were shot on Harriet Street near the 1015 Folsom nightclub in the SOMA neighborhood.


Eberhard Brockmann, German deputy consul general in San Francisco, said Schröer came with her husband to the United States on July 17 and had been planning to leave San Francisco on Tuesday for St. Louis before leaving from Chicago later this month.

Her husband "was at her side when he realized what happened," Brockmann said, noting that the couple was about a block from their hotel when the gunfire erupted.

He said the couple's two teenaged sons stayed in Germany during the trip, which came after Schröer was made rector of her elementary school in February.

"They were at wrong time at the wrong place," Brockmann said, noting that the couple had been walking back to the King George hotel. "It's a tragedy." (The wrong place being... San Francisco)

Mayor Gavin Newsom condemned the weekend violence while offering condolences to the victim's family and urging that anyone with information to come forward to help the police (like that'll happen).

He pointed to efforts of an unnamed, "brave taxi driver" and other bystanders who helped police catch suspects in the Mason Street gun battle. "These people represent the best of our City and our values," he said (and these people, sadly, are few and far between).

Newsom made the comments on the day he signed legislation aiming to beef up enforcement powers of the Entertainment Commission.

"We will continue to pursue every possible means to prevent violence outside clubs and hold club owners and promoters accountable," he said. (Yeah. Sure. One wonders how many more murders it will take.)

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Join the club, you'r getting old and the reality of pissing in the wind is getting to you.