Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tommy Girl versus The Terminator!

A lovely bit of political theater here, first exposed by the establishment-alternative paper the SF Bay Guardian.

The flap is about a memo sent to failed comedian-turned-failed legislator Tom Ammiano from the Governtor's office regarding the veto of Ammiano's Port of SF financing bill. Here is the memo...

So what you say?

Ummm... take the first letter of every line, and then read them down...

What??? Did Arnold Scwarzenegger just say "fuck you" to Tom Ammiano???

Jeez... why would he do a thing like that?

I don't suppose it might have anything to do with Arnold's treatment at the hands of Ammiano at a meeting of San Francisco's Gay Mafia, er, I mean, the Democratic County Central Committee... a group even most San Franciscans consider a bunch of extremist nutjobs.

For a recap of the event, click here.

To make a long and dreadfully dull story short, Arnold was verbally abused by the put-upon leftists who took great umbrage to the presence of a REAL MAN in their midst, and Ammiano famously yelled - among other things - "kiss my gay ass!" - though I doubt any perceived crime would be worth that punishment!

The Governor's Office is insisting it's just a coincidence (wink, wink), but it's a hell of a coincidence, ain't it?

Needless to say, the local humorless leftists are not amused (they never are...)

Let's not forget -- there was a substantive bill here that would have helped San Francisco. So the gov is not just telling the entire Legislature Fuck You, he's also saying it to the city and county of SF.

What an asshole. No wonder it's hard to get anything done in Sacramento; the gov's office is full of frat boys spending hours (and it would have taken hours to get this exactly right) making stupid little-boy jokes.

Yeah... that's the reason!

Now, the ever-whiny Tim Redmond does have a point here... which is that a piece of legislation was sacrificed in this tit-for-tat between Tommy Girl and the Terminator. But the Governor had threatened to veto piles of legislation anyway (his reasoning being that the mountain of bills were all being passed while the state was in budget meltdown), so it's a fair bet that things wouldn't have turned out differently even if Ammiano hadn't had his hissy fit.

I'm not a big fan of the Governor by any means, but its nice to see a douchebag like Ammiano get a bit of his own medicine. I certainly have no love at all for the architect of San Francisco's illegal alien ID program.

In fact, I'd like to say something to Mr. Ammiano... but the Governor beat me to it!

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