Sunday, February 3, 2008

Vote SANE on Tuesday

The California Primary is on Tuesday, and San Fransanity is here to help! Here are your election recommendations for February 5th...

First, the Propositions...

* SF Prop A (Parks Bond) – YES
San Francisco currently has a budget of $6 billion; that is almost $10,000 a year for every man, woman, and child. It’s really hard to support any spending measure in this climate, but this is a lot better than most.

* SF Prop B (SFPD - Deferred Retirement) – YES
There are probably better ways to spend the money, but SF desperately needs more cops. Keeping seasoned vets on the job may help with the Police Department’s morale. We also need an effective police chief, a District Attorney who doesn’t think like she’s in the Black Panthers, and a Board of Supervisors who actually sees the value of enforcing laws. But, one thing at a time...

* SF Prop C (Global Peace Center) - NO
Stupid hippie crap. This “Only in San Francisco” initiative is so wacky on so many levels that some people have suggested voting ‘Yes’ on it... just to show the utter ridiculousness of the initiative process. The idea is to somehow buy Alcatraz from the Federal Government and turn it into a “Peace Center.” That’s right; take the number one tourist attraction – in a town where tourism is the number one industry – and turn it into a... I don’t know what.

State Propositions

* NO on 91!
The passage of Prop 1a made this proposition moot. Even the people who put it on the ballot are saying to vote ‘No’ on it.

* NO on 92!
The California Community College System has the lowest fees in the nation by far. Lowering them further is not justifiable. Maybe if people paid more for Community College they might actually take it seriously.

* NO on 93! DUMP NUÑEZ! *



This proposition has been sold – falsely – as “term limits” legislation. While the main points of the legislation are not necessarily bad, the real problem with it is that some politicians -who are slated to be termed out at the end of the year – would be exempt from the limits and get a “do-over,” letting them serve for another 12 years. These politicians are – SURPRISE! – the very same ones who wrote the measure in the first place! Coincidence? I think not!

And who are these politicians? Some of the most vile, corrupt scum in California government today: State Assembly Speaker Fabian “King Anchor Baby” Nuñéz, Don Perata, Gil “One-Bill Gil” Cedillo, and a host of others. In short, the master architects of California’s Nanny State, and the people primarily responsible for spending us into oblivion. Nuñéz in particular has dreams of being the Hugo Chavez of a Hispanic Socialist welfare state, and he’s doing a pretty good job of it, too. 12 more years of that shit may very well do us in.

* NO on 94, 95, 96, & 97!
Stop the unfair Indian gaming deals

Tired of listening to Arnold and Nuñéz and all the other hacks? How about getting the perspective of Original Pechanga's Blog, written by a "Terminated member of the Temecula Band of Luiseno Indians from the Pechanga Reservation." In addition to the gaming compact stuff, it's a good read in general. I guarantee you'll learn something you didn't know about American Indian politics!

* Please click the links in the margin to read about these positions in more detail!

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O Pechanga said...

We had a protest gathering for NO on Props 94-97 yesterday and received many positive comments and a lot of people said they had already voted and they voted NO. Please keep the momentum up. We were threatened only once and hilariously, it was by the guy who is in a Pechanga commercial, saying, he just wanted to be a good person. No kidding. There is no disclaimer saying that he has been in jail 4 times. But he actually stopped his Escalade 7 carlength behind the limit line and got out of his car. When my brother and I came around to meet him...all of a sudden he opens his back door.(not a good sign in S. Cal) and pulls out a YES on 94-97 sticker but telling us, "you guys are on the street, man".
What did he learn in prison? Or was it a woman's prison?

Come take a look at my blog. Riverside county had police dogs to protect the tribe from our old women. We had one in a wheelchair and two walkers!