Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More Black Muslim Sickness

OAKLAND — Life was harder than has generally been known for some of the women who lived and worked behind the brick walls of Your Black Muslim Bakery on San Pablo Avenue in Oakland.

While Yusuf Bey, owner of Your Black Muslim Bakery, was holding himself up to the community as a successful religious and business leader who gave downtrodden blacks a second chance, the view inside the bakery during its four decades as an East Bay institution was quite different.

Some women and girls worked long hours while Bey regularly raped and beat them, according to five women's testimony. The names of four of the women have not been released because of the sensitive nature of their allegations.

Though he called himself a self-made millionaire, Bey built his fortune in part with the money he saved by using child labor, by not alwayspaying wages and Social Security and by having his women and children qualify for welfare benefits, the women testified and a caller reported to police in 2002.

"Just being a slave. That's what we were. Slaves," one of the women, called Jane Doe 2, testified in a sworn deposition in 2005. Doe 2 said she began having forced sex with Bey when she was 10 and bore her first Bey child when she was 16.

From: Inside Bay Area

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