Monday, September 3, 2007

Travel Industry Works To Undermine American Security

As many of you know by reading my profile, I work in the travel industry. As this recent post on Limits To Growth explains, the travel industry has been a leading - and somewhat behind-the-scenes - player in making sure America's security is always subservient to making a buck.

Many of the Visa Waiver countries are in Europe, now home to tens of millions of Muslims, a considerable proportion of whom are hostile to Western values. Retired Immigration Officer Michael Cutler underlines the connection between the tourist industry and the Visa Waiver program, which allows citizens of 27 countries to enter America without the important screening that a visa application requires.

"I have been told by unimpeachable sources in Washington that it is the executives from the travel, hospitality and tourism industries that have been behind the continuation of the perilous Visa Waiver Program."
[Government's Illusional Border Security News with Views 6/11/07]

-Peter Gadiel of 9/11 Families for a Secure America made the same point when he testfied before Congress on March 20 of this year...

"My members and I paid a terrible price for the open borders espoused by the travel industry, which profits from our governments failure to properly screen the millions of aliens who enter our country each year. So I will not mince words: the policies that the travel industry successfully lobbied for led directly to the admission of the terrorists of September 11 and thus to the murders of 3000 Americans."

It's sad to contemplate that our national security is severely compromised by the travel industry's demands and Washington's slavish obedience to business above all else.

All of the pictures on this post were taken by me, on a recent trip to New York. I spent a day at the Ground Zero site, taking the walking tour and checking out the galleries at Tribute WTC. It is the galleries, of course, where you get the true impact. i highly recommend it to every American, and to every foreigner as well. Look at these pictures and don't ever forget what this is all about!

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