Sunday, September 2, 2007

SPORTS! on San Fransanity

It's Sunday, which means that I'm loose in, loose off, and tight in the center!

AAAARRRGGGHH! Brent Musburger twice in one weekend!!! The Brent-ster was apparently so bent out of shape from the "hippies in trees" incident at the Cal v Tennessee game that he had to get some redneck therapy at the California Cup Race (I'm talking about NASCAR if you haven't figured it out yet).

It was actually a good race - considering that California is traditionally a snooze-fest and the commentary sure didn't help any (supplied by the scintillating Rusty Wallace and the "still trying... honestly" Dale Jarrett). The bleachers were actually full, unlike the spring race, which showed huge swaths of empty standage.

Mikey Waltrip showed he still knows how to explode. Jeffy-poo caused a wreck. JJ won. Like you care.

The consensus seems to be that Junebug (that's Dale Earnhardt Jr. - do I have to start from the beginning???) is toast... but I'm still hoping! Not cuz I care about Junior at all, but if the cards fall right he could knock Kevin "Ratface" Harvick out of the Chase for the Cup!

That would be AWESOME!

photo: J.P. Montoya looks to bitchslap yappy punk
Kevin "Ratface" Harvick at Watkins Glen.

(Afterwards, Harvick went back
to his trailer
to cry to his wife, Delana...
who bitchslapped him for being such a wuss.)

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