Friday, April 6, 2007

Welcome to the Pro-Illegal Alien Propaganda Machine

In the coming weeks, or days if I'm feeling frisky, I will be introducing you to the folks who are destroying America.

These are the "journalists" of the pro-illegal alien propaganda machine.

If you read the constant flood of stories in newspapers - mostly supplied by AP and Rueters - about the "hardships of facing undocumented immigrant families" and the "outrage and injustice of the exploited humble workers-without-papers" and all that bullshit, you start to notice something.

You start to notice that these "stories" are written, time and time again, by a small group of the same people, using the same sources, and coming to the same pre-arrived-at conclusions. You see their names in the bylines again and again and again.

Do a little research (a Google search will do) and you will find out that most of these "journalists" focus SOLELY on immigration, always give contact info about pro-illegal groups (and rarely for anti-illegal groups), usually refer to anti-illegal opinions in an overtly dismissive or even insulting manner, and, quite often, are hardly disinterested observers; many of them actually are PRO-ILLEGAL ALIEN ACTIVISTS!

Now, I have no problem with a newspaper voicing its opinion. But I have a BIG problem with a newspaper passing off its thinly veiled agenda as "news."

Here's a brief introduction to some of them, with more to come...

Tyche Hendricks - a Pacifica Radio alumni and an old-school Berkeley Socialist, Hendricks regularly - almost exclusively, in fact - writes about illegal immigration, with a very obvious and very heavy pro-illegal slant. I'll focus on him first, because I am not the first person to have noticed the works of this propagandist.

Here's a few others you'll no doubt notice at the top of the column of your next pro-illegal slanted "news" story...

Carolyn Lockhead (Chronicle Washington Bureau)
Peter Prengaman (AP)
Juliana Barbassa (AP)

and some not so vehemently pro-illegal, but slanted nonetheless...

Carla Marinucci (Chronicle)
Niki Smith (Chronicle)

and, of course, America's premier pro-illegal columnist...

Ruben Navarrette, Jr.

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