Friday, April 13, 2007

Gloom & Doom for a Friday the 13th

Greetings fellow condemned,

It's just one of those days where the various little wrist-weights of the world are just piling up. Had to leave work early 'cuz of back pain, had a horrible night's sleep punctuated by awful dreams, and all of the usual annoyances that make life in the City such a soul-crushing experience. I didn't get the promotion I was looking for at work, and it looks more and more like I may be in that type of job so often called "dead-end."

Somedays I just feel all the fight go out of me, and this is one of those days.

Let's face it, people. We are doomed. The environment is fucked up, people are still breeding like rabbits, and, if you stop breeding like rabbits, they'll erase the borders and import millions of people who do. Globalization is homogenizing the world, erasing all sense of culture and geography and tradition. One great big world of producers and consumers.

The other day I saw one of those "Truth About 9/11" shows on good ol' Channel 29, and the guy was trying to convince us of the coming Bush/UN/black helicopter/zionist/alien purge, where he says '4 out of 5 people will die in the new world!' I have to admit that my initial reaction was "You say that like it's a bad thing." I can't think, honestly, of anything that would be more HEALTHY for Planet Earth than a massive die-off of human beings.

It's amazing that overpopulation is simply no longer an issue for the Left - or indeed anyone else. After Paul Ehrlich, after all of the dire warnings of the obvious unsustainability of a world of 6 billion (9 billion? 12 billion?) people, pretty much everyone has given up on the idea that fewer people is a good thing.

I was reading some message board from some University science department talking about overpopulation, and they were saying it wasn't really an issue because "science and technology will save us!" God laughs at you and so do I.

And meanwhile the immigrants keep pouring in in a steady, unprecedented, ever-increasing flood, and I'm supposed to believe that's a good thing. As the Bay Area's population moves toward 6 million (just a few years away), California lurches towards 50 million, and America stands poised to pass half a billion people within 50 years, I can't help but feeling we're headed for a disaster of biblical proportions. Already fresh water is tight (and getting tighter). And they keep coming. And coming. And coming.

But don't try to say that to anyone. The Leftists will just scream racist (as usual), and the Right will just say half-a-billion people is just halfway to being able to compete with China.

I love economists who say "don't worry about it... market forces will take care of that." In other words, what they are saying is California will become so unlivable that anyone who can afford to leave will.

By the way... is the rest of the world such a fucking hell hole that every mother-fucking person on Earth has to move to California???

And when it happens, I won't say I told you so. I won't be here. I love California, I am a native Californian. But I don't love it enough to commit suicide over it. So if people have decided that the smart thing to do is give Alta California back to the Mexicans - then fine. Whatever. Normally I'd fight you on it. But not today.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing that overpopulation is simply no longer an issue for the Left - or indeed anyone else.

It's been trumped by racially sensitive political correctness.

Anonymous said...

One great big world of producers and consumers.

Yep, a 'Nation of Widgets'.