Thursday, July 25, 2013

Unshocking Development! Giftmart Killer Had Been Released On Bail By Liberal Judge

To the surprise of absolutely no one, it has come to light that Barry White, Jr. - the "man" who killed two people and very nearly a third before surrendering to police over a $300 dispute - had previously been in serious trouble with the law.  

Only slightly less surprising is the new revelation that - despite facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, and a further charge of threatening police  - he was released on $5,000 bail by a Liberal Judge in 2009.

An Antioch man accused of murdering two women in a San Francisco jewelry store this month in a dispute over the price of an item was released from Contra Costa County jail a year and a half ago after a judge cut his bail in an assault case, records show (Now... doing a quick search on the internet has not proven to me that Lewis A. Davis is a "liberal" judge.  So I'll just say he's either a "Liberal" Judge... or a "Very Stupid" Judge.)

"I hope you don't prove me wrong," Superior Court Judge Lewis Davis told Barry White Jr. in December 2011, according to a court transcript.

White, 23, had been charged with assault with a deadly weapon in connection with a 2009 confrontation with Antioch police officers, who reported that they had to shoot White after he tried to run them over.

The officers had been investigating reports that White and two friends had threatened a club bouncer with a pump-action shotgun.

White was released on $125,000 bail in that case, records show. But at a preliminary hearing in August 2011, he was taken into custody again for allegedly approaching an officer testifying against him with clenched fists, prompting bailiffs to restrain him.

White faced a new charge of threatening police, with an additional $120,000 bail. But Davis lowered it to $5,000 and White posted the amount.

The Contra Costa County case is still pending. It's not clear whether a higher bail amount would have kept White behind bars.

At the time, Contra Costa County Deputy District Attorney Kevin Bell argued that White deserved a higher bail because he had displayed a pattern of threatening behavior toward police officers.

Steve Taxman, White's attorney, said at the time that White was "not a threat" and that the extra charges against him were enough to keep him from misbehaving (WRONG!)

"I think Mr. White knows that he's on a thin leash until this has been resolved and even after it's been resolved," Taxman said (apparently forgetting that his client was a subhuman incapable of such mental feats). "He will be in court, and he's not going to be committing new offenses."  (Wonder how Mr. Taxman is feeling right about now?)

Davis agreed that White was a threat, but (inexplicably) still cut his bail. Davis (quite understandably) did not respond Wednesday to an e-mail request for comment.

"Although I think there is a public safety threat to some degree from his conduct, I do think given the length of these proceedings and the fact that he currently faces another charge that I think there's sufficient disincentive for him to commit any other violations of the law," Davis said. (again... failing to comprehend what he was dealing with.)

"I may be mistaken," the judge said. "I hope I'm not." (Maybe you'll think a little more about things next time... now that your little "boo boo" has cost two lives.)

White returned to San Francisco Superior Court Wednesday for an appearance related to the July 12 killings at the jewelry store Victoga in the Gift Center and Jewelry Mart on Brannan Street.

Police said he used a revolver and a knife to kill the clerks and wound the shop's owner, then reloaded and fired at police officers responding to the scene before surrendering.  (Fortunately, he did not make it to his vehicle, where he had a loaded AK-47.  Something tells me he wasn't going into this jewelry store with the proper attitude towards resolving the dispute over his jewelry!)

He is charged with murder and attempted murder in a case that District Attorney George Gasc√≥n called "one of the most brutal, most calculating homicides I've viewed in my career." White is being held without bail.

He was appointed an attorney from the city public defender's office, Steven Gayle, who said outside court that his client may have had a "mental breakdown."  (Or he may have just been a nigga thug with no sense of right and wrong)

Also outside court on Wednesday, the extended family of 51-year-old Lina Lim, one of the store clerks, called for justice.  (Fat chance in this town.)

"I want my sister back," Lim's younger sister Joiane Zhao said through tears, leaning on cousin Annie Sin.

Sin expressed anger that White was freed in the earlier case.

"I'm speechless," she said. "A lot of these judges, they are too soft-hearted and just let them go. This needs to change."

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