Monday, July 15, 2013

Niggaz Is The Motive

A friend of mine once told a story of watching the news on TV with  pal of his.  The usual murder and mayhem, and the newscaster saying, "Police have not yet figured out a motive for the slaying."

"Niggaz," said his buddy. "Niggaz is the motive."

And it certainly appears to be the motive in the Jewelry Mart killings.

You got Barry White, Jr., a 23-year old human turd from Antioch, who apparently has already taken entitlement and racial grievance to an insane level.  

In case you haven't already heard, White was already facing felony charges for an assault on police officers in Antioch back when he was 19... 

Court records and Antioch police confirm that Barry B. White Jr. was 19 when he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon while trying to escape from a cul-de-sac and flee police.

White later filed a lawsuit against the Antioch Police Department alleging police brutality.

According to court documents from the case, which is ongoing, White and two friends were turned away from the entrance to a private, sweet 16 party at the Women's Club in Antioch the night of the confrontation. An argument ensued, and one of the three men who were rebuffed threatened the party's bouncer with a pump-action shotgun

Police were summoned and found White and his two friends in a white Nissan, at the end of a dead-end street not far from the party. Police blocked the street with their patrol car, drew their weapons and demanded all three exit the car.

White stepped on the gas and came directly toward one officer, according to police. The officer jumped out of the way and fired. White careened into a patrol car, then crashed into a concrete pillar, and the three men got out and ran, police said.

White was found hiding nearby in the bushes, with gunshot wounds to his head, ear and back. After three days in the hospital, he was arrested and then charged with assault with a deadly weapon upon a police officer and resisting arrest.

In August 2011, White and one of his companions filed their own lawsuit citing police brutality, underscoring prejudice toward African Americans. Their case is pending, waiting for the outcome of their criminal trials.

Well... it ain't pending any longer.  White couldn't get his justice, so instead of taking it like a man, he took it like a nigga... killing two women - showing what a little faggot he really is - and not even having the decency to get his stupid ass shot to death by the cops.  Instead we'll have to hear about this rat bastard probably until the end of our days.

If you want a really good laugh, you can read the one web page I found in defense of White here.  Clearly the person who wrote it is deranged, or at the very least, has quite a skewed outlook on life.  It is the usual Occupy nonsense, written by a brain eaten away by drugs and insanity.

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