Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Obama's Brown Shirts At It Again

Sunday March 21st saw a pro-amnesty/pro-open borders march in Washington that drew thousands of illegals and their pimps, laughingly calling on a Congress hanging by a thread to take up the most divisive issue in America and take action on erasing America's sovereignty.

As disgusting as this is... it is free speech. Even they have a right to voice their opinions. This is a sentiment that is not, however, advanced to those who oppose amnesty.

Jim Robb of NumbersUSA reports of the all-too-predictable doings of SEIU goonsquads at the rally....

Roy Beck was criminally assaulted Sunday, March 21, on Washington's National Mall by opponents of free speech coordinated by the Service Employees International Union. Roy was there to cover the pro-amnesty march.

S.E.I.U. is the pro-illegal immigration union connected in media accounts with political intimidation and assaults in recent years.
What happened Sunday continues S.E.I.U.'s and its allies' months-long strategy of dogging Roy's every public appearance, trying to shout him down or hounding event organizers to bar him from speaking. We have never tried to deny them their freedom of speech.

But this time the S.E.I.U. went much further. It sent a team of "mimes" and S.E.I.U. employees to stalk, push, shove, harass and whistle down Roy and his TV crew for several hours. It was very aggressive, including incitement of the crowd toward violence.

Roy filed criminal assault charges against the mimes and their S.E.I.U. organizers, who spent hours trying to block our webcast. (All of this can be seen and heard on the homepage of

When the Federal Park Police finally ordered the S.E.I.U. agitators to move away from Roy and our TV crew, one of the "mimes" took the confrontation to a new low by falsely accusing one of our colleagues of assaulting her -- some three hours after it supposedly took place! The Park Police, acting on the word of the agitators, hand-cuffed and arrested our colleague on the National Mall. (We got him out of custody before the night was over, but he still must fight the pending criminal charge in court!)

While I'm certainly not surprised by this type of thuggery from the far left - and not surprised at all that it came from the Bolsheviks at the SEIU - it is a bit surprising that very few people seem to have any problem with it. But that's the way the left is... the ends always justify the means - which is very easy to do because to argue that the ends do not justify the means is to suggest that there are some limits that one must not cross. This is not a problem for the left, who will stoop to anything to get what it wants - or more truthfully, to get what it believes people need (whether they want it or - especially - if they don't).

When you have no values or morals, it's pretty easy to rationalize just about anything.

I'm not saying that everyone in the SEIU is a Stalinist punk. But the leadership certainly is, and the mouth-breathing cretins on the mall in Washington certainly are. They can fuck off and die.

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