Friday, December 18, 2009

San Francisco Plus Insane Criminals: An Enduring Love Affair

This City's love affair with mentally deranged creeps continues as yet another psycho is given a slap on the wrist with a twist... this time a judge - who had previously slapped said psycho's wrist - was allowed to sit on the jury!

The "Stinky Stabber's" got a cellie!

A man with a two-decade history of biting and attacking San Francisco police officers was convicted of misdemeanor charges Thursday stemming from the latest incident but cleared of a felony.

Miquel McNorton, 49, of San Francisco was found guilty of misdemeanor battery on an officer and two counts of resisting arrest stemming from an Aug. 18 run-in with two officers in the Tenderloin, one of whom he bit on the wrist.

One juror said the panel was not convinced that Officer Michael Wolf had suffered a serious enough injury for the attack to be felony battery.

"We decided that (the bite) really didn't require medical attention," said Steve Duff, the lone juror who agreed to speak about the case (which is fucking nuts - these animals are crawling with disease - should be charged with biological warfare).

The officer testified that he had received inoculations and other treatment after being bitten.

McNorton has been arrested 16 times (!) since 1988 for attacking officers, eight of whom he bit, prosecutors said. He had been convicted of misdemeanors in three bite cases before Thursday's verdict.

Superior Court Judge Kevin McCarthy, who presided over the case, barred prosecutors from telling the jury about McNorton's history, calling it irrelevant.

Defense attorney Seth Meisels argued to the jury that McNorton was not guilty of a felony because Wolf had not been seriously injured.

After the verdict, Meisels said he would arrange for McNorton to receive mental health treatment upon his release. McNorton could spend four months in custody on top of the four months he has served awaiting trial (but will probably be released as soon as possible - as is the way here).

If convicted of a felony, McNorton could have been sent to state prison for as much as three years.

The case drew attention within Hall of Justice circles because Judge Bruce Chan - who in July reduced battery charges in another cop-biting incident involving McNorton from a felony to a misdemeanor - was allowed to sit on the jury.

Chan appeared shocked when prosecutors told him after the verdict about the previous case and said he did not remember it.

"His jaw dropped," said prosecutor Victor Hwang. "He said, 'You all knew that and you let me sit on this jury?' "

Chan was not asked during jury selection about his earlier decision, and McCarthy refused to let prosecutors excuse him. Then, on Thursday, McCarthy gave both the prosecution and defense the opportunity to remove the judge before deliberations, but both declined (!).

Chan left the court without commenting.

Asked what it was like to have Chan on the panel, Duff said, "He was a juror like the rest of us."

It's hard to know what is the stupidest thing about this case... the fact that the liberal pussy judge refused to allow past actions of the animal - which clearly show a pattern, the fact that this liberal pussy judge allowed the other liberal pussy judge to sit on the jury, the jury of liberal pussies that let the animal off easy, or the so-called prosecution (no doubt composed of liberal pussies) who allowed a sympathetic judge to sit on a jury!

The defense attorney seems to be the only sane person in this story.

And that's
never good.


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