Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Coup D'Etat? Really???

A New Paradigm In Central America?

So let's say you have a President (for the sake of argument, let's say it's this Obama guy)...

In 2012, several months before his 2nd term is up - and he is legally required to vacate the White House - Obama proposes a referendum which would, among other things, let him have a third term in office.
The Supreme Court rules that the referendum is designed to overturn "set-in-stone" aspects of the Constitution - including the term limit - and is therefore illegal and unconstitutional.

Nonetheless, Obama orders the ballots to be distributed by the military (or whoever runs elections in your country). The Chief of the Army announces he won't violate the law by doing so. Obama sacks him, saying...

"We will not obey the Supreme Court," the president told cheering supporters in front of the presidential offices.

"The court, which only imparts justice for the powerful, the rich and the bankers, only causes problems for democracy," he said.

Obama then rounds up a large group of "supporters" and "liberates" the election materials from a local air force base - where they are being kept - and announces that the illegal and unconstitutional referendum will take place anyway, apparently with security provided by his new "buddies."

The Government, which has tried its best to stop this illegal and anti-democratic action, now has no choice but to depose the President. Put in his place is the next-in-line for President - a member of the President's own party - who says that elections will go on as planned and that he personally will not run.

Does this really constitute a "coup d'etat?"

Central America's Latest Wanna-be Dictator, with his
"pro-democracy" friends Castro and Chavez

... this is basically the situation going on in Honduras at the moment.

Around the world, countries are lining up to condemn the "coup d'etat," apparently preferring the consolidation of power into a Communist dictatorship, the expansion of Hugo Chavez' imperialist designs, and ultimately quite likely a civil war.

Apparently it would have been better if the illegal referendum had been allowed to go ahead, Zelaya had imposed himself as dictator for life, and have a civil war break out - most likely involving Venezuela and several other Communist countries coming to his rescue. Yeah... that would have been
far better! The Government and military of Honduras evidently figured it would be better to have bloodless coup now than a bloody one in 8 months.


Deposed Honduras Prez Accused of Drug Ties

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Plus Still More to Come...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, haven't given much thought to this story but now I believe that this can set a precedent if the military doesn't step up to the plate.

You'r right, Obama is a hypocrite.