Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Open-Borders Claptrap From the Chron

Monday's SFGate contained not one... not two... but three! steaming piles of open-borders propaganda, two of them penned by the Danielle Steel of the genre: Tyche Hendricks.

Hendricks this time makes no bones about her sympathies; the woman is not so much pro-immigrant as she is anti-immigration law.

In the past, I have called articles like these "pro-amnesty" which is a bit of a mistake, and a soft-sell to boot. I've given the impression that there is a difference between "pro-amnesty" people and "open-borders" people, when in reality they are almost always one and the same.

Behind every voice in
favor of illegal immigration is a voice against American sovereignty.

For these folks, amnesty may be a huge, monumental, almost insurmountable goal... but it is only the beginning.

The goal of the pro-amnesty/open-borders crowd is not amnesty for all illegal aliens in America... it is amnesty for all illegal aliens who are here
and will ever come here in the future. In short, they are after making the entire concept of the illegal alien - illegal.

How can you do that without erasing America's borders, throwing out all immigration laws, and destroying America's sovereignty?
You can't.

Because that is the real goal. People like Hendricks have a lot of nerve pretending to care about "Americans" when their sole reason for being is to destroy America as we know it... and turn it into a third-world, Communist hell hole.

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