Friday, January 9, 2009

A (snicker) "New Era" Dawns

A "new era" is being ushered in as the San Francisco Board of Supervisors opens its new season of "Lord of the Flies," featuring an "incredibly diverse" lineup of batshit liberals.

Funny... I don't feel any different.

The multi-cultist bean counters are nearing orgasm now, with the current lineup of...

...three Chinese Americans, including a woman; two gay men, including a Latino who arrived in the United States as an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala; another Latino; an African American woman; a disabled woman; and a Persian man.

Just two straight, white men now serve on the board.

...Which is probably an over-representation... just ask any straight, white woman! You can also pad the multi-cultist cred with the caveat that one of the straight, white males is severely mentally ill.

Already, the promises are flying that things will truly be different this time...

Mayor Gavin Newsom told reporters after the meeting, "I look forward to working with him. This is a fresh era."

Chiu also expressed a desire to work with the mayor, saying that all of the new supervisors have "committed over and over again to bringing a new tone of civility, of unity and of cooperation" to City Hall.

"Fresh era?" "New tone of civility?" Gee, I wonder what they mean by that?

We're even seeing plans about some of the new "differences..."

(Vincent Pan, executive director of Chinese for Affirmative Action) said his group is pushing this board to have an on-call pool of interpreters available so people who speak a language other than English can meet with City Hall officials any time.

He also wants to ensure Chinese Americans get their fair share of construction jobs and training expected to come under the pending federal economic stimulus plan.

Haha! Idiot! Doesn't he know that those jobs are reserved for ILLEGAL ALIENS?

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