Friday, January 16, 2009

Harry Reid Pushing For Amnesty... Again

It was only a matter of time before traitorous human-boil Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada once again ignored the will of the people and submitted his umpteenth proposal to erase the border and America's national sovereignty. This time it comes in the form of just-filed Senate Bill 9 - the hilariously named "Stronger Economies, Stronger Borders Act of 2009."

Michelle Malkin says it well...

"Of all the stupid ideas that have been floated in Washington, the idea of killing the building of the fence, awarding residency to law breakers and providing a shortcut to citizenship all the while pushing good immigrants to the back of the line has to take the cake! Merging our borders with Mexico means beheadings, murder, drug crime, kidnappings, beatings and the list goes on and on.

Crime will become our chief import!

The confused amnesty plan gives U.S. amnesty to every illegal alien, no questions asked! What Reid and his commie buddies are asking the American people to do, is lay down our sovereignty so the One-World masters can rule America making your families nothing more than illegal aliens in your own land!

Reid's fat idea is: "And I believe we would be wise to reconsider the effectiveness and cost of a wall along our southern border, which has adversely affected the fragile environment and vibrant cross-border culture of an entire region. Such a wall stands as a symbol of fear and intolerance. This is not what America is about and we can do better." Famous quote from Harry Reid.

Reid of course needs amnesty because his bosses - the Las Vegas developers and contractors - need the steady flow of slave labor into Nevada.

Here's the deal... eternal vigilance is not only the price of freedom, but it is the price of our culture, heritage, and sovereignty as well. We stopped this son-of-a-bitch and his pro-amnesty sleazebags in 2006, in 2007, and we can do it again in 2009! Why? Because the will of the people is overwhelmingly behind us! The American People - in every poll in every paper - have said that they do not want and will not accept the destruction of our borders by avaricious pusbags like Harry Reid.

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