Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Videogate: Forgotten But Not Gone...


mega-schnozz said...

It appears the officers got PC-railroaded and rushed-to-judgement in true ultra-liberal bay-area style by hypocrites like Fong and the mayor,

but this video blows all it's cred by superfluously showing snatches of "videogate" players right next to nazi war criminals and concentration camp victims. This is not an intelligent or rational comparison.

Who would you rather be: Officer Cohen or a condemned inmate @ Birkenau?

These amateurish political propaganda videos (complete with humorously-"scary" music) often attempt to make a case or have merit, but then immediately they go too far and cause the originator who intended to make a legitimate point instead come off as a paranoid clown.

The well-intentioned(?) attempt to expose a serious breach of habeas corpus and strike a blow for justice instead gets reduced to a 'Hammer Film' for wingnuts.

Earth to Sanfransanity: who is your target audience? Malleable kooks, or intelligent, rational human beings?

Anonymous said...

resPOND, you crud