Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Jamiel's Law" - To Overturn L.A.'s Criminal Alien Shield - Makes Ballot!!!


Jamiel's Law - the proposed law named after Jamiel Shaw, Jr., a Los Angeles high-schooler murdered by a previously convicted illegal alien gang member - has collected enough signatures to make the ballot in Los Angeles. The proposed law seeks to overturn Los Angeles' criminal alien shield - known as "Special Order 40."

This is a huge victory. When even a pro-gang, pro-illegal alien criminal town like Los Angeles can no longer turn away from the illegal alien menace, then this is a good sign. As for whether it will ultimately pass, I'd say that's a tall order.

But here's the reality... the American people are fed up. They are mad, and polls are showing that they are getting madder. The upswell of black voters in the last election is not boding well for the illegal alien pimps, who are learning that blacks are just as pissed off about illegals taking their jobs as whites are. The rainbow coalition so hoped for is not materializing.

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