Thursday, July 3, 2008

Website of the Month: Sanctuary City

Urbanette dropped a nice line to me and asked me to check out her blog Sanctuary City.

Yes!!! Another San Franciscan with brain intact!!! Here's a great article that got put in ChronWatch...

San Francisco has a rich history of tolerance...for political corruption and tyranny, that is. These days, our favorite past time seems to be looking the other way while Gavin Newsom and his cronies on the board of supervisors, the chief of police, the district attorney and many others run the city into the ground. They focus on politically correct pet projects, pander to special interests (namely: gay rights, global warming, social controls, and protecting criminals) while neglecting their basic duties as public servants.

Gavin Newsom has been more concerned about green initiatives like solar panels and ending city spending on bottled water(!) and anti-gun programs than he is about enforcing local and federal laws, fixing the streets, or making San Francisco a hospitable place for middle class families.

He and his supporting cast of supervisors and attorneys and law "enforcement" (what a joke!) operate as though they are entirely above the law. Given his national notoriety for the whole gay marriage debacle back in 2004, this should be an obvious point. However, that was just one out of many incidents showing the utter disrespect that Newsom has for the law.

San Francisco's Sanctuary City Policy is a prime example of this disrespect. While the policy was created back in 1989, Gavin Newsom recently spent a pretty penny to advertise this policy across the city. The road to hell is always paved with good intentions, and the Sanctuary City Policy is chock full of good intentions. It's supposed to help illegal immigrants feel safe while seeking city services such as health care without fear of reprisal from immigration enforcement. The abuses of the policy have been widespread, as a recent series of articles from San Francisco Chronicle reporter Jaxon Van Derbeken show.

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Urbanette said...

Hey wow! That's me! Thanks for the link. :-)

I cannot believe the nonsense that is furiously pouring out of Newsom's mouth these days. I'm trying not to feel too gleeful about the amount of heat he's taking. One must rejoice when enemies are struck by calamity. And oh, what a calamity this is for Gavie.

XLBRL said...

yes... it's tragic... tee hee