Sunday, July 27, 2008

BIG NEWS! Minuteman Project Sponsored Protest at SF City Hall on Wednseday July 30th!!! Come Demand The Resignation of Mayor Newsom!!!!

I just got an email from the Minuteman Project and my prayers have been answered!!!

After the horrific slaughter of three San Francisco family members by an AK-47 wielding gangster boasting allegiance to the notorious MS-13 street gang, Jim Gilchrist, President of the Minuteman Project, Inc. announced today that he will lead a rally demanding the resignation of that city’s mayor.

“I am calling upon all minutemen and women nationwide to join in this rally at city hall at 11: 00 am Wednesday morning, July 30 in downtown San Francisco,” Gilchrist said.

“What happened to the Bologna family is not an isolated incident,” Gilchrist says. “U.S. residents are murdered by illegal aliens on a daily basis in every major city across the country”.

“The Minuteman Project will demand the immediate resignation of Mayor Newsom,” Gilchrist concluded. “It is too late for an apology from Mayor Newsome. It is too late to prevent the deaths of Anthony, Michael, and Matthew Bologna. But it is not too late to begin replacing all of our political governors in every city across America with people who will truly and sincerely represent and protect the citizens of this country. Currently, too many of them represent criminal illegal aliens, simply passing on as “inconvenient” any serious attempt to keep the United States civilized under the rule of law.”

Read Full Press Release From Minuteman Project

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Paul said...

I am really frustrated out of my mind with these bleeding heart liberals such as San Francisco's Mayor and there flaunting our Federal Immigration Law. I am backing the protest to remove the Mayor and while they are at it they should remove the whole city council.

Anonymous said...

That's funny, I thought the reports said it was ICE's fault for not following through with the deportation hold.

Oh well another misdirected Minuteklan activity!

Browness said...

We are all not bleeding heart liberals, many of us are revolutionaries and will fight you on your terms. Your racisim has clouded your logic. You cannot blame all immigrant for the alleged act of one. Should we kill all whites for the acts of their ancestors of owning slaves and for their KKK lynchings today?
Who would work your fields and watch your damn kids? You want to pay $10 a pound for tomatoes in addition to $5/gallon for gas. If you opened your eyes you would see that immigrant labor is what keeps this economy going. White collar workers don't produce anything. Cops, managers, government workers, vets don't create a work product thus bring no economic value for their work. But harvesting sellable product, working in factories making exportable product and working in the restaurant business moving product is where the economic base comes from. Not juggling around junk bonds and predatory mortgage loans on wall street. WOW! you guys don't read much. Pick up a real book, not progaganda pamphlet, and really read (it has to be at least 300 pages!). I challenge you to read a book with economic facts not political punditry. Not only that, read a reputable book by a real scholar not some nutritionist like Mike Savage who has no economic or political/historical credentials.
STUPIDS!! the real criminals are in the White House pillaging the national treasury with this bogus war and you dumb *&%$# think blaming immigrants will solve the problem. The ebb and flow of people from the south into what is now the U.S. has gone on for centuries. It was Native American lands then Mexico and the people never left!

No, we are not all bleeding heart liberals. Some us welcome the death of the old crotchety, disgruntled, aging, decrepit white population. We are young and brown and will outwit, out study and OUT BREED YOU! Good luck with the whole deportation and stopping us thing!!!

M. B. said...

I am a member of the Bologna family. My sorrow is deep so my comments will be brief. I am appauled and disgusted by the use of my relative's names by the Minutemen. DO NOT CLAIM YOU SPEAK FOR US. THIS IS OUR FAMILY NOT YOURS. Quit using our family for your political advantage. Some members in our family are immigrants and would not want everyone deported because of the act of this one ruthless individual. The Minutement are criminal and hateful. Take our names off your website NOW.

XLBRL said...

m.b. I HIGHLY doubt that you have anything to do with the Bologna family, especially considering Daniella Bologna's interviews and her intentions to sue the City. Considering that NO ONE in the Bologna Family has made any similar comment to ANYONE ANYWHERE I can only conclude that you are an impostor. I will not be changing anything.