Saturday, May 3, 2008

ICE raids??? In San Francisco???

Sanctuary City my ass!

Today it appears as though the illusion that San Francisco is somehow not part of the USA was once again shattered, as ICE agents raided all 11 locations of the El Balazo burrito chain in the Bay Area.

On Friday, immigration raids swept a popular Bay Area taqueria chain. All 11 local "El Balazo" restaurants were raided and dozens of undocumented workers were arrested and face deportation.

The El Balazo on Marin Street in San Francisco is closed. Earlier, Federal Agents rounded up 62 workers from Mexico and one from Guatemala. Immigration says a number of them may have been living in the Bay Area and working here illegally for years.

The operation came to a climax Friday morning. Simultaneous raids at 11 locations of the El Balazo restaurant chain including this one on Marin Street in San Francisco. I.C.E. Agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement also descended on the El Balazo restaurants in San Ramon, Concord, Pleasanton and other East Bay locations. An immigration official says it started with an on going investigation of the El Balazo chain.

"But as part of this enforcement action we encountered 63 workers at these 11 locations who are working at these establishments, who in the country illegally, and don't have authorization to work in the United States," said Virginia Kice, from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Kice says it is pure coincidence the raids took place on the day after the May Day immigration rally. 11 workers were released almost immediately because of medical conditions including pregnancy. A few of them may have criminal records and a decision will be made later on as to whether they will be taken into custody. No criminal charges have been filed and I.C.E. would not comment on any possible action against the restaurant owner who hired these workers.

No doubt this will cause a new round of whining and moaning from the usual suspects... our wronger than wrong mayor, our idiot supervisors, and the Communist thugs that have somehow managed to gain legitimacy in this town. But, if you read the comments sections on any article, you will see a surprising and encouraging amount of almost unanimous outrage that our borders are open and that illegal alien criminals operate with impunity.

I am not saying, of course, that all illegal aliens are criminals (beyond the crime of breaking into the country in the first place... and possibly the crime of using false documents to work... illegally... ), but clearly many illegal aliens are criminals. That is not my opinion - that is a fact.

A look at any prison, any jail, any police department's most wanted list, at any Hispanic gang line-up, will bring home this basic truth that the racist scum of the anti-borders crowd constantly try to hide... by using the all too predictable tactic of screaming 'racist!' at anyone who doesn't believe that the SW USA should be handed back to Mexico, or believe that it is the obligation of the natives to change their country, language, and culture to suit the immigrants.

Source: ABC7 News

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