Friday, May 2, 2008

Blogs4Borders! May Day Edition!

MJ does a great job as usual covering the Chicago May Day marches!

One thing to note: not necessarily the red, white, and green flags, nor even the red, white, and blue... but the preponderance of just plain RED.

It is no great secret that America's Communists have found an ally in the anti-borders contingency. The big banner reading LONG LIVE COMMUNISM should give you a clue!

Given that most illegal immigrants these days come from Socialist countries, or from anti-government populations that believe heavily in Socialism, it is no great surprise that a majority of them want to see America turned into a Socialist state. Some, like Elvira Arellano and her ilk, openly espouse the illegal immigrant's "right to transform this country." Others hind behind the banner of "progressive politics" while preaching open Socialism.

In short, if there is one thing you can say for certain about the anti-border activists, it is that they firmly believe that the government owes them everything - from health care to jobs to citizenship to communications in their native language. They believe this to the core of their being - and believe just as strongly that it is the obligation of Americans to give them everything, without so much as a thank you in return.

This is not my opinion... it is a fact. The evidence is all around us every day.

And if you idiot liberals honestly believe that these people see you as somehow 'better' than the rest of America for your support... they don't. You're just another goddamn gringo. And a stupid, gullible one at that.

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