Sunday, October 28, 2007

Atlanta Area Set To Run Out Of Water In 3 Months - Gee, I Wonder Why?

Because of my back operation, I was forced to cancel my trip to the South - which included a trip to Atlanta to take in the NASCAR Nextel Cup race that was run on Sunday the 28th.

So it's interesting that I'm coming across a lot of articles about the severe drought facing the Atlanta area.

As two posts by Limits To Growth and their sources show, it is not jobs or culture that we should be worried about losing when thinking of the illegal alien invasion.

It will be much, much more basic than that.

"As mentioned here earlier, northern Georgia will run out of water in three months if the rains don't come. The state has doubled in population in just forty years, but MSM does not discuss such sensitive topics. Americans are supposed to suffer quietly as the most basic components of their quality of life are sacrificed so millions of foreigners can move here"

Georgia's population has doubled - from 4 million to over 8 million - in just 40 years. And somehow, the mainstream media just can't (or won't) put 2 and 2 together to figure out the rather obvious truth that if you allow a places population to explode beyond the land's ability to care for them you are going to be Fucked with a capitol 'F'!

As bad as the situation in Georgia is right now, it will be nothing compared to what California is facing; according to the Cal Dept. of Finance, California can count on 60 million people by 2050 - an almost 75% increase in 43 years! It is important for us to look at what is happening on the small(er) scale now, because it will be very telling for out future. And it doesn't look good.

Given our water shortages that are guaranteed to come to virtually every state in the union, you have to wonder about politicians, businesspeople, and ethnic groups who actually believe that bringing in over a hundred million more poor, uneducated immigrants is a good thing for America. Why would an allegedly sane person argue such?

When you look at the death of civilizations - particularly the great ones - you see that it is a sudden shock involving resources that is oftentimes the culprit. The great ancient civilizations almost inevitably vanish due to a protracted drought, a string of brutally cold or hot years, or something like deforestation or crop failure.

And we're looking for people on airplanes fiddling with their shoes!


NOTE: Added article from Man or Maniac, great before and after pictures

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