Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hey Folks!

Hi!  Just wanted to say I'll be closely following the Kate Steinle murder and the 'Dirtbag Killers' saga.  Just not tonight :)  Gotta work in the morning!

This is important because it will weigh heavily on the Senate race in 2016.  The reason is that Kamala Harris - despicable killer-lover and the person who currently passes for "top cop" in this insane asylum called California - is a front runner, along with LA's Loretta Sanchez.  Both of them suck shit, both are open-borders zealots, both of them are perfectly fine being point person for the continuing Cultural Genocide of America.  But Sanchez is relatively unknown in the North, as Harris is equally unknown in the Southland.

All hail the Democratic Party's latest "anointed one"- a dishonest, racist, whoring, killer-loving scumbag.  And this piece of trash wants to be in the US Senate.

I promise I will do my utmost to expose Ms. Harris for the race-baiting, killer-loving scumbag that she is.

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