Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Instead of Throwing Rice, Can We Throw Grenades?

Charles Manson is getting hitched... although I would prefer that he get "hitched" to the back of a Semi and dragged down Highway 99...


This is why I'm such a staunch defender of the Death Penalty. How long must we all hear about this a**hole? It's bad enough for us normal people, but what about the families of the victims of this sick, deranged subhuman? And how long must our tax money go to housing, feeding, clothing, and now marrying, this man who should have been put to death decades ago? How many more lives is he going to destroy with his sickness? How many more minds is he going to pervert with his continued writings? How long will he continue to be a cult hero to the sicker elements of our society.

Those who say that life-in-prison-without-parole is an acceptable alternative to the Death Penalty are WRONG. A killer behind bars is still capable of doing massive damage to society - whether they be the mafia boss ordering hits from prison, or the gorilla terrorizing other inmates, or the deranged lunatic still cultivating disciples.

All I know is, that when Richard Allen Davis goes, I'm going up to Petaluma for a major party!

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