Friday, July 2, 2010

Bloomberg: Throw Open the Borders... Destroy The Country... What Do I Care?

New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg has come up with a great idea... just erase any pretense that we are in any way a country, throw open the borders, and make the former nation of the United States of America a global gladiator ground for the world's avaricious.

What could possibly go wrong?

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the country (despite welcoming more immigrants than all other countries in the world combined) is "giving shortshrift to immigration" and that economic problems will worsen until America sends out a (even) more welcoming message (if that is at all possible).

Bloomberg says the U.S. is "pushing people that other countries want away from our shores." He said on ABC's "Good Morning America" that an overly restrictive immigration policy (which we decidedly do not have) discourages people who can create work with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Bloomberg said, "If I were the president working with Congress (which I'm sure is his wet dream, although dictator would be more suited to him), I would give a green card to anybody from around this world who wants to come here, create a business. They keep the green card as long as they employed, let's say, 10 or more workers."

He said a path to citizenship should be found for the roughly 11 (to 30) million people here illegally.

Bloomberg of course represents the so-called "right-wing" view of the double-barrel destroy-the-country crowd - much like the oft-printed big business shill Tamar Jacoby - that America in order to survive must destroy itself by opening its borders.

A country of half a billion people fighting for resources might sound like hell to you and me. To assholes like Bloomberg, it just means we're halfway to being able to compete with China.

It's odd - and more than a bit of a lie - to suggest that Bloomberg (and his mentor Bush) somehow represent a "conservative" approach to amnesty. That's bullshit. There's nothing conservative about it. It is NeoLiberalism on a global scale. Bloomberg seeks to be nothing less than a global plantation owner, watching over the hardest working slaves. Under avaricious cunts like him, just relaxing will become a crime in America. Probably the only law that will be enforced.

Bloomberg is a conservative? Fucking bullshit. He is globalist scum, who wants to see this country neutered just as much as the most racist La Raza adherents.

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