Monday, January 18, 2010

San Fransanity's State of the Blog Address - 2010

San Fransanity has been plodding along for nearly three years now, and it has been quite an experience!

So I felt it was time to say thank you to all of my readers for your support and for giving this little shout in the dark a chance!

A few facts about San Fransanity: I started keeping webstats about 2 years ago. Since then, over 17,000 readers in 54 countries have checked in to see what's been happening in our little slice of hell! This blog has enjoyed concentrated readership in the Bay Area (of course), Los Angeles, Sacramento, the Eastern Seaboard, and (for some reason) Kansas. Internationally, the UK is our biggest (though still quite small) market, though we've received hits from (literally) all corners of the globe!


I will be instituting a few, minor changes to the blog in the coming weeks. Not to worry, the snarky sense of outrage will remain intact.

Firstly, the volume of spam I've been receiving lately has forced me to do something I've been avoiding, which is to moderate comments. Rest assured that I will
not censor any comment delivered here on any subject written by anyone that is not obviously spam. I want to encourage everyone to comment freely and ask questions on any subject, even if (especially if) you don't agree with me. It's the only way we'll learn. Spammers - go die.

Second, I am going to make an effort to tag my posts for subject matter so that you can go into the archives easily and retrieve similar posts.

Finally, I intend to go through the links list and try to make it a little easier to get around and find things. I want to put a particular emphasis on the upcoming November elections, with links to organizations and individuals that reflect our values and are working towards our goals.

This coming year promises to be an interesting one. My main areas of focus will be...

1) November elections: The 2010 elections cannot come a moment too soon. While this election offers great promise nationally, California is still too much of a one-party state to really expect major changes or improvements to the most dysfunctional state government in America - yet there are always ways to stop the bleeding.

First and foremost - it is imperative -
critical - to the soul of this state that criminal-loving race-hustler Kamala Harris NOT be elected to the office of State Attorney General.

I will be giving props, airtime, and links to any and all organizations working to make sure that the truth about Harris be exposed to all voters, and working to see that her political ambitions never stretch beyond the boundaries of San Francisco proper.

I will also try my best to keep up on the little things we can do to wrest this City back from the crazy motherfuckers who are doing their best to bury it. I will help any anti-progressive candidates in the City that I can, and publicize any proposition arguments that bring the City back to where it was before the batshit insane progressive trash ruined it.

2) The Coming Amnesty - Despite the fact that poll after poll has shown that the American people do not want amnesty for illegal aliens, it is an
iron-clad guarantee that amnesty will rise from the dead in 2011, if not sooner. In fact, if the Dems rush a Health Care bill through (and this depends a lot on the outcome of the Mass. Senate race on Tuesday), we could see an amnesty bill by this summer! Now, I and others think that this is unlikely, but it never hurts to be prepared.

The racial pressure groups like La Raza and MALDEF are putting the screws to the Obama administration, and it is a sure thing that we will have to protect this country yet again from those who would sell us out.

But we've done it before. We have the numbers. We have the will. And we have the momentum. And we will stop it again. It won't be easy, especially with the motherfucking mass media firmly in the open-borders camp. But we can do it. What choice do we have?

Again, thank you so much for dropping by. Here's hoping that this coming year brings you all that you strive for, and that health, happiness, and prosperity bless us all.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the effort that is required to maintain this blog.

I find it informing and humorous at times (humor is needed to digest living in this world).

I have severed all (at least tried too) ties with Google Acct's so I don't sign in too leave a comment.

Hope you have a Happy New Year.

From the Palm Springs Area of California.

XLBRL said...

Thanks A! Have yet to make it out to your neck of the woods - those woods being palm trees. Any blogs from your area you'd like to share with me/us?