Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kiss Your Children, Hug Your Dog, Say Your Prayers

It won't be until tomorrow, apparently, until we know the fate of the bailout in the Senate.

Obama's speech today was pretty telling. "Hopey McChange" is dead, and now we see the partisan Stalinist that we all knew was lurking beneath the surface, but that most Americans were really hoping wasn't there.

It's hard to imagine how this spending package could be any worse... it is virtually half pork, piled on by Congressfolks who knew they had a blank check to play with, and decided to tack to it every possible spending item they could.

And here's the worst news of all, as "Stompy McStalin" said in his speech today, this is only the beginning. Coming on Monday is TARP II; what is allegedly a re-write but is most certainly an expansion of the bank bailout. The very people who caused this mess are the ones who will benefit handsomely.

I'm going to go waaaaaay out on a limb and say that, when people were voting for "change," one of the things they had in mind was that crooks don't get rewarded for bilking the American people. And yet, here is the NEW JESUS, shoveling more money into the hands of the thieves. Change indeed.

Former President Bush (remember him?) whined "if there was a way to let these companies fail, I would." I'm going to guess that he really didn't look that hard to find that way.

So here's the bailout in a nutshell... the foxes are guarding the hen-house, and we've decided the best way to help the chickens is by throwing the fox a big, juicy steak.

And that's just the miniscule portion of this bill that even claims to be about stimulating the economy. The rest is just Socialist expansionism. I'm not saying that $400 million on STD education is a bad idea... but does it belong in an economic stimulus package? Of course not.

I had big hopes - hopes that lasted for days - that Obama was going to lead from the center, and not seek a broad, Socialist expansion.

The hope is gone now.


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