Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Criminal Commission Passes Criminal Resolution

The (Illegal) Immigrant Rights Commission - a group of 15 cretins that advises the Board of Stupidisors on "immigration issues," but, in reality, is basically an apologist body for illegal alien criminals - has once again sided with killers and released a resolution to Mayor Newsom ...

...urging the city to let young immigrant offenders stay in the city. The commission advises the Board of Supervisors and mayor about issues involving immigrants.

It called on San Francisco to pay nonprofit community groups to screen juvenile offenders to determine whether they should be entitled to city-paid immigration attorneys who would help them seek asylum as victims of abandonment, trafficking or abuse.

It also urged the city to provide adequate resources for placing the youths in "culturally appropriate" community programs approved by the juvenile court system, a policy that federal prosecutors have said was akin to harboring illegal immigrants.

And it advised the city to develop and expand safe housing, jobs and other opportunities for unaccompanied immigrant youth "because these youth are extremely vulnerable to exploitation by adult criminals."

How about "No, and fuck you to hell." Is that a good answer?

According to Newsom Spokesman Nathan Ballard, the Mayor has no intention of backtracking on his directive to turn illegal alien minor felons to the Feds.

Newsom spokesman Nathan Ballard said the mayor appreciated the commission's input but "has directed the juvenile probation department in no uncertain terms" to turn over juvenile felons to federal immigration authorities.

"Ultimately, the decisions must be made by the mayor, and that is where the buck stops," Ballard said.

Chief Numbnuts of the Commission Jamal Dajani said, "What happened in that unfortunate murder case created a lot of political debate, but, in the end, you cannot make a blanket policy to treat all juveniles the same," he said. "We shouldn't be punishing everyone because of one case, where we had a breakdown in the system."

First of all, I find it hilarious that this bitch is whining about a blanket policy, and yet these same assholes are the ones bitching for a blanket amnesty, that gives all illegal aliens - including felons, killers, and prisoners - all the rights of a law-abiding citizen.

Secondly, as for the "breakdown in the system," this is a system designed to shield criminals. There was no breakdown. It worked like a charm. And the Bologna-family killer would probably be safe in his home country now if the system had worked to its conclusion.

Once again, the answer to the Comission's recommendations: NO, and fuck you to hell!

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