Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What Multiculturalism Really Means

"In the name of multiculturalism, racial minorities and anarcho-liberals have waged war on the historic identity of the United States, and the value of Western culture in general. They have resolutely denied that a common American culture even exists. At the same time they demand a universalist order that would impose their political and racial vision onto the entire world. These groups are supported by other subnational elements that include radical feminists, homosexuals, liberation theologians, and Hispanic groups that are already mapping out large portions of America for annexation. By steadily tearing at the cultural and institutional fabric of the United States, these groups are changing the very moral foundations of the nation. Some of the most obvious examples of decline include:

1). Open racial violence against whites.

2). Rejection of normative sexual and social behaviors.

3). Increased family decay, and the abdication of parental responsibility.

4). Dramatic decline in the willingness of young people to identify with the United States and to defend its political or cultural ideals.

5). Unwillingness to defend America’s borders from millions of immigrants.

6). The increasing division of public choices — whether elections, curriculum choices, budget decisions, jury verdicts, cultural observances — along openly racial lines."

From AmRen

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